Talk Toomey Presented By Knotfest

Aaron Matts (ten56.)

Episode Notes

Aaron Matts returns to Talk Toomey this week. Aaron is on the show to discuss his new band ten56. Joshua and Aaron talk about him leaving Betraying The Martyrs, why there was no drama and forming the new band. Aaron gushes on Luka and his use of electronics in ten56. The guys also speak on starting a new band during the lockdowns and how it was an equal playing field for everyone. Aaron finishes up with the upcoming As I Lay Dying shows and the future of the band. 

Joshua and Chris start the show talking about the upcoming Talk Toomey Live show that will take place July 15th. They also discuss the upcoming Knotfest shows and possible live streams. The guys get on a tangent of how crazy it is to see their names on sites like Blabbermouth, Rolling Stone, etc. Joshua and Chris also give their thoughts on Head saying that Untouchables was not his favorite. They also do a quick run through of the Korn discography and give highlights. They end the show with talk of the show Pistol, thoughts on the FLDS and should you hire a hitman to murder your wife!