Nu Pod with Joshua Toomey & Ro Kohli

Burton C Bell

Episode Notes

Burton C Bell returns to that Talk Toomey Podcast to discuss his upcoming photography exhibition, Paradise Found. Burton and Joshua talk about his history with photography and his love for taking and developing photos since elementary school. Paradise Found revolves around abandoned industrial buildings and the guys discuss how these buildings are remnants of another time. Burton speaks on the Dye Sublimation process on aluminum and how it is the perfect platform for these prints. He then talks about meeting Vincent Castigilia and getting the exhibition together for his gallery. Burton talks about his current musical projects and drops how he is doing vocals on a Rammstein tribute record and tells a story of hanging with Rammstein in a shared dressing room. Burton does answer a few Fear Factory questions. Burton finishes with more details on his exhibition. 

More Info on the exhibit:

The series features twenty original, full-color photographs of abandoned industrial buildings taken in darkness and fog from 2002-2003. BELL's images are printed on aluminum using the Dye Sublimation process - an approach BELL calls "celluloid impressionism." The photographs are representational of BELL’s industrial and science fiction aesthetic.

The Vincent Castiglia Gallery, which opened in 2022 to showcase Castiglia’s tattoo designs and selection of limited-edition painting prints, will be premiering BURTON C. BELL’s work on March 11th. The exhibit will run through May 23rd.

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