Talk Toomey with Joshua Toomey

Gene Hoglan

Episode Notes

Gene Hoglan joins the Talk Toomey podcast to discuss all the things going on his world. Gene talks about joining the Twitch world, Death To All touring and leaving Testament. He also recalls knowing Dave Lombardo got the gig and people asking if he knew beforehand. Gene talks about staying busy during Covid by doing session work and studio time some gigantic projects. We also talk about his thoughts on being patient zero with Covid and his weight loss (Gene Slimmons!). Gene also gives his thoughts on Fear Factory adding real drums to "The Industrialist" and himself being a drummer into his 70s.

Chris and Joshua start the show talking about Drew Fortier and his recent cancer scare. Joshua reads a list of the 10 reasons that make Metallica the nicest band in metal while Chris grits his teeth! The guys also discuss the latest Beavis and Butthead trailor. To end the show, the guys breakdown Gene's "Band From The Decades". They also make their own bands....make sure to put your picks in the comments. Joshua and Chris end the show with some Obi-Wan Kenobi talk. 

Fundraiser for Andrew Fortier by The Lucid : Testicular Cancer Relief For Drew Fortier (