Talk Toomey / Nu Pod

Lars Ulrich and Lulu, Robb Flynn blasts Rolling Stone, New Kittie Music

Episode Notes

Toomey and Akin start the show with some Metallica talk and dive into the story of Cliff Burton joining the band. The guys talk some Suicide Silence and Toomey's interview recap. Louder Than Life lineup is out they go over the festival and who they would like to see. Lars Ulrich says Lulu has aged well, Robb Flynn has some thoughts on the 100 Greatest Metal Songs list and Vio-lence played a show with zero original members. Ripper says he would fill in for Phil Anselmo if needed, Morgan Lander says it's time for new Kittie music and Tony Campos says it's up to the fans if they want new Static-X music. The guys gives some tv and music recommendations.