Talk Toomey Presented By Knotfest

Nik Nocturnal

Episode Notes

Nik Nocturnal joins the Talk Toomey Podcast this week. Nik is on to discuss Termina's latest track, Translucent. Nik and Joshua also discuss fans of his YouTube channel being fans of his original work, how he doesn't want to tour and building a team around the band. Nik also talks about bands that got him into heavy music such as Avenged Sevenfold and Disturbed. Nik is well known for his quick guitar covers and the guys discuss the process of turning around a quick video. Nik also speaks on his decision early on to be a metal YouTuber and not a rock guy and the thought process behind the choice. 

Joshua and Chris start the show with some talk about the recent live Talk Toomey and the behind the scenes at the event. They discuss the Pantera line up that has been announced and some Max Cavalera news. The guys also breakdown the new Slipknot track that has been released and discuss the upcoming album. They end with some Bill Burr, Hustle and  D.B. Cooper talk.