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Stormi Maya (Cinnamon Babe)

Episode Notes

Stormi Maya of Cinnamon Babe joins the Talk Toomey Podcast. Stormi talks with Joshua about the stir that has been caused by her track "Rock N Roll Is Black". Stormi responds to the gatekeeping in metal, how she is a gateway for some listeners and comment sections. She also speaks on how Tik Tok blew the song up and people reacting positively and negatively to the track. Stormi and Joshua discuss the origins of Cinnamon Babe and what the future holds. She also talks about her acting roles, the terrible foster care system and touring plans. 

Joshua and Chris start the show talking about the Metallica "Master of Puppets' lyric video, Skid Row and Sebastian Bach playing on the same night in the Vegas area and a putrid Dokken live clip. The guys also discuss Dave Ellefson and Jeff Young playing classic Megadeth records on an upcoming tour. They end out the show talking about new music from Muse, Megadeth, Ozzy, Seventh Storm and Gunshine.