Talk Toomey Presented By Knotfest

Tommy Lee OnlyFans, Ozzy Halftime Snub and Art Cruz Reaction

Episode Notes

Toomey and Akin start the show with some football smack talk. The guys then give some heated debate on Art Cruz's comments on Randy Blythe in the latest interview with Talk Toomey. They then discuss Dino Cazares saying that he will announce the new Fear Factory singer in February and do we even care? The guys dive into Tommy Lee and fans upset that genitals are out all over the place at Motley Crue shows. Tommy Lee also has an onlyfans account! Joshua and Chris speak on Ozzy and the halftime nonsense and then review the latest from the Prince of Darkness himself. Chris recommends Jurassic Park and Joshua ends the show with more football tomfoolery.